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Magma Granite & Marble was founded in 2005 by Paula Bullard. She saw an opening in the Central Florida market for a granite fabrication and countertop facility unlike any other. 

Her vision was for a manufacturing facility that was based on the latest technology available in the marketplace – a facility that was able to deliver a superior product in the fastest turnaround time possible, yet still affordable to the consumer.

Today that vision has been realized. With the acquisition of several new machines on the cutting edge of technology, in addition to our experienced Florida kitchen remodeling staff, we are delivering a product that will not only surpass the local market, but can stand the test of markets in any city across the country. 

We have brought to Ocala and Gainesville what, until now, was only available to large cities and commercial consumers. 

Our pricing has not only been competitive, but has led the trend in bringing granite and marble that were once only affordable to the high end builder to a product that has become a standard in custom homes today and is available to everyone.

About Magma Granite and Marble

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Magma Granite & Marble’s expansion to Ocala and Gainesville reflects their dedication to making luxury accessible to all by using advanced technology and premium materials. This shift goes beyond looks; it’s about their values. Their competitive pricing has redefined norms, making granite and marble a common choice for homes. Their services, from personalized design to precise installation, showcase their commitment, and their journey from Paula Bullard’s start to their current position defines them as more than countertop providers—it’s a path to transformative luxury for everyone.