Ocala Fire Pits

Transform your outdoor spaces with Magma Granite & Marble’s ocala fire pit service. Explore our fire pit solutions to enhance your Ocala property!

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Ocala Fire Pit Service

Elevate your spaces with Magma Granite & Marble’s Ocala outdoor fire pit service. Our Ocala fire pit company can bring warmth and sophistication, offering meticulous design and neat creation of custom fire pits. Whether for cozy gatherings or moments of reflection, our bespoke solutions elevate your outdoor living experience, seamlessly integrating with the natural beauty of your retreat.

At Magma Granite & Marble, our Fire Pit service transforms your Ocala outdoor ambiance with precision and elegance. Crafted to be a captivating addition, each creation can be tailored to a level to reflect your unique taste and the natural surroundings. Explore the possibilities of enhancing your outdoor retreat with our expert fire pit creation service. Contact us for a captivating addition to your Ocala residence’s outdoor living.

Craftmanship At Scale


Impeccable Countertop Installation

Stunning Kitchen Island

Personalized In-Home Design

Polishing Perfection

Certified Sealing

Explore the hotspots on this image to learn more about our craftmanship. Some hotspots are things we did on this project, others are things that we can do for your home, if you choose so. Let us bring the same level of elegance and luxury to your home. Reach out to us today!

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Our Process


Contact Us

Get in touch with us and set up a time for us to chat about your project.


There are two ways to start. You can draw your project and show it to us, or we can visit you for a free talk with one of our sales people.

Job Details And Material Selections

Talk to our salesperson about colors and designs that you like.


Once we agree on the price and all the details, we’ll write it down and both of us will sign it.


A minimum 50% deposit is required to be paid prior to any template, scheduling or material ordering before we move forward. If the cost of the material is expected to be greater than 50% of the quoted estimate total for the job, the material cost must be paid in full. *Materials are not ordered until after your template has been processed to ensure the correct amount is ordered.

Schedule Set

We’ll make a plan for when we’ll visit you to measure everything. We’ll also talk about when we’ll put everything in place. But remember, we can’t promise an exact time.


Before we start, make sure your cabinets are put in and level. If we’re not giving you a sink, you need to have it there when we measure. We’ll either use a special laser or make a careful pattern of where the stone will go. This takes about 1 to 3 hours. We’ll also talk about edges, backsplashes, and sinks.

Post Template And Material Orders

After we measure, we’ll make a plan on the computer. We’ll check the sizes and what work needs to be done. We’ll also order the materials we need. We’ll send you a paper to sign, saying you’re okay with everything. This part takes about 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on materials and checking.

Material Arrivals And Layout

When the materials come, we might email you a picture to check if it looks good. The picture isn’t exactly right, but it gives you an idea. We need you to like it before we continue. This step takes about 1 to 3 days, and it can change depending on checking.

Install Schedule Confirmed

Our team will tell you when we’ll come to put everything in place. Just remember, we can’t give you a specific time, only a general idea.


We’re really good at making things. We use the newest tools to cut the materials to the right shapes. We also make the edges smooth and shiny. If you need holes for sinks or cooktops, we can do that too. This takes about 5 days to 2 weeks.


Normally, we can finish setting up in one day, unless it’s a big project. We need you or someone who makes decisions to be there when we do it. After we finish, we’ll check everything, and then we’ll need you to pay.

About Us

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Company reviews between ocala & gainesville as of 7/21/23

About Magma Granite & MArble

Founded in 2005 by Paula Bullard, Magma Granite & Marble fills a unique niche in Central Florida’s countertop industry. Her vision was for a manufacturing facility that was based on the latest technology available in the marketplace – a facility that was able to deliver a superior product in the fastest turnaround time possible, yet still affordable to the consumer.

Today that vision has been realized. With the acquisition of several new machines on the cutting edge of technology, in addition to our experienced Florida kitchen remodeling staff, we are delivering a product that will not only surpass the local market, but can stand the test of markets in any city across the country. We have brought to Ocala and Gainesville what, until now, was only available to large cities and commercial consumers. Our competitive pricing has led the trend, making granite and marble a standard in custom homes today.

Here's What Some Others Say About Us

Stan Fisk
Stan Fisk
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Sean was very friendly, professional and helpful in choosing the right counter top and making changes before the order was fulfilled. The technician who came out to measure was professional and friendly and fast. He used a laser measurement tool so the accuracy was perfect. Not all companies measure this precisely. The installers were equally professional and fast and the finished product looks amazing! If you're looking for a new counter top, I highly recommend Magma Granite and Marble.
Sonia Valdes
Sonia Valdes
Read More
I don’t know about other comments but our experience was out of this world. I have been told by other famous store in town that there was a minimum amount of feet required for us to buy from them. We only needed 15 sqft and the minimum was 25. That store also took weeks before they would give us an appointment for measurements. On top of that they told us that the installation would be about 10-12 weeks. I saw the Magma’s sign by HWY 441 and decided to enter. Their place looks so beautiful and expensive but the prices are affordable. They didn’t required a minimum, gave me an estimate in minutes, and came for measurements in less than a week. The installation was exactly 2 weeks after measurements as promised. They helped me with some changes that were needed and were extremely patient. The installation was super fast and the installers were professional. Yes, I recommend them highly, I would buy again from them. Give them a try, you will be happy you did.
Lorraine Cameron
Lorraine Cameron
Read More
Magma granite far exceeded my expectations on every level. I had been to and was disappointed by four granite companies prior to hearing about Magma. Cassandra was so helpful and professional. She helped us find exactly what we were looking for and was so knowledgeable about the inventory. The prices were better than many of the other companies, the service was superior, and the selection was by far the best. They were able to install our granite twice as fast as the next competitor, and even after the transaction was complete, they followed up on a service call without me having to call them. I would rate them 20 out of 10.
Shane Godwin
Shane Godwin
Read More
Magma granite provided superior quality and customer service! Highly recommend them!
Jenny WT
Jenny WT
Read More
For my kitchen remodeling, I have visited Home Depot, Lowe's, and two specialty stores including Magma. I am deeply impressed with the personnel and service at Magma. I knew nothing about granite or quartz when I entered the store and was able to make my selection because of the tremendous help of Ms. Michelle Calzado. She and her staff were always patient, very responsive, and super knowledgeable. The installers Jose and Danny were competent and pleasant. I am fully satisfied with the installed countertop and the service provided by everyone at Magma. Moreover, it has been such a joy to work with people who love what they do, know what they are doing, and care about my experience!
Donna Kay-Mckinney Gocek
Donna Kay-Mckinney Gocek
Read More
Magma installed granite in my kitchen and bath. Did an awesome job and enjoyed working with everyone of their staff. I would recommend them to all my friends and clients. Thanks Magma for the best customer service around. The Gocek Family . Alachua Florida
Elizabeth Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson
Read More
We had a great experience with Magma Granite and Marble everyone we encountered throughout our process was wonderful from Cassandra ,Fro, Joe, Vinnie , Melissa and Jason finished it off we couldn't be happier with it thank you for such a wonderful professional experience great group of people thank you again we love our kitchen!!!!